Wicked Lasers: MobileCrunch Says They're Wicked

Perhaps this is what Paul Simon was talking about when he sang about “lasers in the the jungle” — a crazy-powerful 95 milliwatt green laser from Wicked Lasers. I’ve seen these things before and my neighbor even shot mine up at a passing helicopter, causing us all to scamper into the house and cower in the basement. However, Oliver at MobileCrunch did no such thing and instead sings its praises.

I actually drove to Vegas from LA during my review and was able to stop a few times along the way where there was very little light pollution. I’d heard that a bright enough laser could extend visibly far enough into the sky that only the curvature of the earth would cause the beam to be obscured. I now believe that fact to be true – though the specifications on the Nexus claim that it is only visible for 38 miles.

We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the lasers began to take hold.

Can’t Get a Plasma Rifle? Wicked Lasers Nexus Model is the Next Best Thing [MobileCrunch]
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