JWin iLuv Bluetooth Audio System

JWin today announced their iLuv i199 Bluetooth audio system. As wireless music device, you can stream your iPod, radio, CDs, or whatever via Bluetooth to a set of wireless speakers or headphones. JWin uses its BluePin wireless audio transmitter/receiver to receive music from your device and then transmits music over a Bluetooth connection. You can stream music from your cellie to the iLuv. I mean, how amazing is that? Lean Cuisine amazing I believe.

The iLuv hi-fi system comes with an excellent looking handheld device for controlling your music wirelessly and costs a total of $199. Not too shabby for a devicve that can playback both music and video, thanks to its built-in LCD display. It’ll be available by the end of January if you want to pick one up. (We’ll get a better pic when we see it on the floor!)