A Digital Photo Frame that Gets It Right

The only reason digital photo frames haven’t totally taken off is because they tend to be fugly affairs, the tech manufacturers that market them being far more concerned with the technical specifications of the unit that its aesthetic appeal. That’s why we’re glad that makers like i-mate are bringing decent-looking frames to market.

Looking like the monitor of a G4-era iMac, with a white (interchangable?) frame encased in clear plastic, the Momento has 7-inch 800×400 pixel display and can show photos via WiFi or memory stick via USB. In addition, it has its own memory card reader, so it can pull images from SD (or Memory Stick, or MMC, or xD or whatever), a nice feature indeed. But there’s more to this frame than just showing photos.

The two intriguing features that set this digital frame apart from its brethren are its support for Windows Vista’s SlideShow technology via WiFi, and its audio capabilities. We’re guessing it can show video, too, meaning that if the price is decent, this device would be a great alternative to an Airport Express as a way to get your music from your computer to your stereo, and it would look better doing it, too.

We really don’t know much else about this beauty, but we’ll keep you posted as it hits the streets.

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