IE 7 Reaches 100 Million Downloads, Firefox Still On the March

According to the IE group and WebSideStory, IE 7 has had 100 million downloads. It sounds like a milestone, but the problem is, these downloads were mainly conversions from older versions of Internet Explorer.

As of Dec. 2006, IE accounted for 79.6% of all browsers, which is a notable decline from the 80.6% it held in Nov. This is in stark contrast to Firefox which gained from 13.5% to 14% during the same period.

The quantity of IE 7 downloads is credited to users downloading the software through Automatic Updates in Windows. So does it really matter than IE 7 has been downloaded 100 million times? I’m thinking no.

By a show of hands who is using which browser? I’ll start things off: I’m using Firefox 2.

Despite 100 Million IE 7 Installs, Microsoft’s Browser Still Loses Ground
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