New BlackBerries from Cingular/AT&T/Whatever-it-is-this-week


Next month, look for the launch of a sexy model called the 8800. Looking very much like the older, fatter brother of the Pearl, the 8800 is a full-QWERTY enabled BB of un-astounding features. More or less an upgrade to the existing 8700 series Cingular currently offers, the 8800 adds the popular/troublesome trackball of the Pearl, meaning this might be standard feature on all forthcoming BBs from RIM.

Later in the year, however, an all new handheld will be unveiled, according the our Genius. The 9000-series (9900? 9009? 9201?) will feature a completely redesigned Blackberry GUI, new hardware to run it, and probably 3G connectivity. This handset won’t just be for Cingular/AT&T, however. Look for versions across the board as it’s actually a new class of Blackberries, one to suit each carrier.

Blackberry 8800 & 9xxx series [Boy Genius!]