Alltel's Celltop Promises Better Access To Rodeo Standings On Your Phone

Okay, the Celltop interface makes it easier to get at just about every bit of information on your cell phone, but the Pro Rodeo circuit stuff is, um, different. There’s no reason you should have to wade through never-ending menus on your mobile to get to your call log, text inbox, weather or sport scores, including football, baseball and yes, Pro Rodeo standings, so Alltel solved the problem for their users with Celltop.

Celltop lets you customize modular cells (just like widgets on a computer) on your phone so you can find info fast, which is important when you’re dealing with a small screen. The technology is built on Qualcomm’s BREW uiOne platform on select Alltel Wireless handsets and on all of their new phones by late-2007. There are currently 10 cells available and are free to use. New modules will be available for download too, and the software is open to the developer community, so all manner of options should be possible.

Alltel Celltop [product site]