Belkin Lights Up UPS

I have an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system, and I hate it. Not because it doesn’t work, ’cause it does. I hate it because when the power does go out, I invariably turn the thing off while trying to turn off the alarm it uses to let you know you’ve lost power.

Belkin seems to have heard my cries, as its advertising a new UPS (or Battery Backup) that not only has room for six full-sized power bricks and capacity enough to keep your stuff running long enough for a soft shut-down, but also includes an integrated flashlight that turns on auto-magically so you can actually see what the hell you’re doing behind your desk in the dark of night.

We’re filing this under the “why the hell didn’t someone think of this before?” category, as this device is a no-brainer when it comes to making sure your stuff goes down easier than Britney in Vegas. And at less than $100 MSRP, it costs less, too.

Belkin Battery Backup with Flashlight [Belkin, via SlashGear]