Gravity Defyer Shoes Don't Actually Defy Gravity

Man, I got all excited when I read the headline for this video, but it’s just a buncha people amazed at how much better their feet feel after changing their shoes at CES. The shoes don’t actually defy gravity and I have to imagine that there’s an astronaut or two that would disagree with their weightless claims. Nonetheless, these people seem “genuinely” thrilled to be wearing the shoes with hidden 1/8-inch springs under the heals that release reciprocating resistance power each time you step.

I wore a pair of Clark’s Desert Trek shoes almost the entire time I was at the show and did just fine. But if you had sore feet walking the floor or just want to stop and tell people about the springs in your shoes, maybe pick up a pair at They sell a lot of other gadgets on the site too, in case you’re looking to avoid actually working this morning.