Coby's PMP4330: Some Say "Meh", I say "Yeah!"

I know Coby as the not-Sony brand of personal electronics I find at discount stores like BigLots. Its stuff tends to be cheaper-priced versions of big name’s products. But the quality is great. I have a region-free Coby DVD player I got for about $30 new, and it’s the best looking and sounding DVD player I’ve ever owned (out of the dozen or so).

That’s why I’m taking a decent, hard-earned look at the PMP4330 that Coby had on display at CES. Its stats are nothing outstanding or news-making, but therein lies its elegance.

The 30GB HD is not the largest we’ve seen in PMPs, the 4.3-inch screen is not the largest, either. But we’re willing to bet the FM tuner-having, SD card-reading, OS X-supporting unit will cost less than $200 when it arrives later this year, and that’s the pricepoint a full-featured PMP really needs to hit to be accepted among the non-geeks of America.

Coby PMP4330 [Aving USA]