T.sonic 820 Go Boom

Think the MP3 market isn’t already flooded with so many models that your brain starts to hemorrhage from all the choices? Transcend doesn’t think so. Welcome the T.sonic 820 series that feature a whopping 1.5 inch ‘Super Color’ OLED display. The T.sonic 820s have the usual bells and whistles like mp3, photos, video, FM radio and e-books. A feature that really caught my eye were the plethora of recording options. It can record with its built in microphone, an external or a line-in! Pretty cool huh, I thought so too. What else does it have? I’m glad you asked. The 820s also display lyrics so you can rock out karaoke style.

Some other dope features include an A-B repeat function that lets you playback a certain portion of a song and apparently by combining this function with the 820s adjustable variable track playback speed control you’ve made yourself a language learning tool. Huh?

The T.sonic 820 also features 7 equalizer effects, customizable user EQ mode and song/artist title display in 12 languages. The T.sonic 820s are now available in both black and white and they seem to have taken a page from Apple’s iPod line because the 2gig is only available in white and the 4gig comes in black.

T.Sonic [Far East Gizmos]