Blue Dot Buzz Launches

A few minutes ago social bookmarking site BlueDot launched a new feature called Buzz.

This is a fairly unique product – part and part Digg, and based on tags. On the front page of Buzz are very popular recent bookmarked sites. But there is a “Buzz” area for each tag as well. Just type in[TAG] to see it. Here’s the TechCrunch page, for example.

Each page is populated based on users bookmarking and tagging a page. If enough people bookmark it, that link goes to the top of the Buzz list for that tag. As soon as another bookmark with that tag makes it over the Buzz threshold, it is added on top of the old no. 1 and pushes everything else down (like Digg). The result is constantly refreshed content relevant to a given tag. Users can subscribe to the RSS feed for that page, too.

I like BlueDot a lot because its fast and the interface is awesome. It’s one of the “companies I can’t live without” and has replaced as the place I bookmark web pages.

Our previous coverage of BlueDot is here.