CompUSA Banks on Windows Vista or Money Back Guarantee

If you’re one of the many who are interested by the idea of Windows Vista but are hesitant to take the $400+ plunge without back-up, then look to your local CompUSA for a safety net. The national computer retail chain is guaranteeing that you’ll love Windows Vista, or you get your money back. In addition, the techs will re-install your former OS free of charge if you’re not simply tickled pink.

Of course, you must pay to have its technicians install it for you, and your hardware must meet certain minimum criteria, but if all of this is OK with you, then the $50 premium for the piece of mind should seem like a bargain. Of course, if your computer needs to have some upgrades to properly run Vista (as most will), CompUSA is more than happy to sell you the parts and service to make sure your computer is ready for the OS.

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