Samsung i70 Ditches Voice, Keypad for Megapixels

Samsung has today launched the sexy, sexy VLUU i70. Featuring a 7-Megapixel picture taker with 3x optical zoom, 3-inch external LCD, slim design, sliding form factor, and HSDPA 3G connectivity would make any geek drool. But this isn’t a phone, friend. This is a straight ahead, full-featured digital camera.

With its integrated modem, photos taken with the i70 can be uploaded directly to web galleries (or blogs) directly from the memory card, wirelessly. In addition, the ISO at 1600 means that many situations normally needed a flash no longer do. Since it uses HSDPA, it needs a SIM card, and it features the capability to receive text messages. Really.

Besides all the head-turning stats, it looks really, really bad-ass. Our own Blake has a Samsung point n’ shoot of a similar style, and he’s been known to say it’s the best camera he’s ever used. I think it’s safe to bet on this beauty.

VLUU i70 [Google translation, via Electronista]