LG Puts Out Like My HS GF

What sort of world would we be living in if LG didn’t release a new product every day of the year? Have no fear, LG doesn’t let us down with the release of their new digital media player, the FM37. At a thin 10.4mm the FM37 packs a whole lot of features: 2/4GB, MP3/OGG/WMA support, e-book functionality, battery life for up to 24 hours for your tunes, 3 hours of video and a 2.4 inch TFT LCD touch screen revved up by a ‘Mobile XD Engine’. The 2 GB will set you back $265 and 4 gig will be $320.

The Mini Movi FM33 audio player packs it in in 1/2/4GB of flash and a 1.77 inch TFT LCD screen. Pricing is set at $159, $190 and $255 for each lil nugget.

But wait there’s one more, the DMB T50 weighing in at 1GB or 2GB models for both MP3 and video playback. The wee lil 1GB is going for $200 and the 2GB for around $265.

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