Leaked Motorola Investors Document Shows Off Slew Of New Products

Thanks to a leaked investors document, the dudes over at Electronista think that updated 3G KRZR and RIZR models are due out soon. They point out that both phones now include a camera lenses on the front of the devices.

Through this, they go on to explain in detail how this must mean that 3G versions are coming soon and that, clearly, they must HSDPA. Thus, the two phones will drop on AT&T. It’s all gray area stuff though, so don’t start holding your breath until the 3GSM conference next month.

Check out some of the other gems inside the document after the jump:

Motorola S9 Bluetooth Headset

Entry-Level MOTOFONE

W Platform, Linux-Based Candybar Phones

MOTOMING Multimedia Device

3G-Capable KRZR, RIZR Leaked [Electronista]