PopCatcher Catches FM Radio So You Don't Have To

When I lived in Seattle and listened all the time to KEXP, I would have loved to have had the PopCatcher MusicDock MD-601.

On the surface, it’s just a decent looking FM radio with a dock at the top for connecting the included MP3 player, presumably for recording music directly to the portable. That alone wouldn’t be particularly interesting, since there are a number of digital audio players that record FM radio. Where PopCatcher differs, however, is with its ability to distinguish between music and commercials, station IDs and DJ chatter.

The device intelligently clips out everything but the music, leaving the portable player loaded with nothing except the tunes, recorded at 192Kbps MP3 files. You can connect the DAP to your PC, too, and sideload any of the content you’ve captured on to your ‘puter.

There’s no pricing or release info on the company’s site, but you can sign up to be contacted about it here.