T-Mobile Getting HTC Athena

Look out T-Mo customers, a new bad boy is in (a very European) town! T-Mobile will be releasing the HTC Athena as the “Ameo” in Europe in a few weeks. Aside from having a crazy design to begin with (it’s sweet nonetheless), the Ameo will feature Windows Mobile, a stunning 5-inch VGA touchscreen, 8GB of hard disk space for all your porn media, quadband GSM, HSDPA, GPS, a 3-megapixel camera capable of both video and pictures, and a 624MHz XScale CPU. Sad that the CPU inside this “phone” is faster than my computer from the year 2000.

Talk about beefy. It’s sketchy as to whether or not us Americans will be seeing the Ameo anytime soon, but it’s somewhat possible. No word on how much this’ll set you back for, but don’t expect it to cheap.

T-Mobile rolls out HTC Athena as “Ameo” [Engadget Mobile]