Windows Vista Now Available From NewEgg

Chances are if you’re geeked out enough, you’re already well familiar NewEgg and its awesome deals. If you’re dying to get Vista but don’t want to wait until that pesky January 30th “release date” they keep talking about, you’re in luck. You can now order Vista from NewEgg in the following flavors:

  • Vista 32-bit Ultimate Single Pack DVD (OEM) – $199.99
  • Vista 32-bit Business Single Pack DVD (OEM) – $149.99
  • Vista 32-bit Home Basic – $99.99
  • Vista 32-bit Home Premium – $119.99

  • Looks like those of you trying to score full boxed copies, Ultimate Signature Edition, or 64-bit versions are outta luck. You can wait the six more days though, trust me.

    Product Page [NewEgg]