Tianyu Lets You Keep Your Stuff Safe

So some a-hole stole your mobile while you weren’t looking huh, maybe the invisible guy from ‘Heroes’. Have no fear Tianyu is here with the new B832 that does some snooping for you once the bastards decide to change out your old SIM card for a new one via a SMS text that gets sent to your new phone with your old number once it gets back on the network. Then, just to piss them off, you can lock the phone.

The B832 comes equipped with a few goodies that no one can resist snatching up. A 2.4 inch QVGA TFT screen lets you see the pics you’ll be taking with your 2-megapixel camera that also acts as a webcam once plugged in via USB. Pump out the jams with the built in stereo speakers and load as much as you got through the microSD slot. Released in Hong Kong and China earlier this week, keep your fingers crossed that it makes the jump over the Pacific to our shores. But if you’re over yonder then fork out the $225 and bring it on over.

Beat Some Arse [Gearfuse]