The iPhone You Should Lust Over

I will once again admit that I was enamored by the iPhone when it first came out but then I learned of all the dirty little secrets that little apple from Silicon Valley held. I began to raise my nose and give the stinkeye at anyone who mentioned it. Sure it has the full screen touchpad and all that jazz but it lacks 3G capability and with a launch on that orange guys (AT&T/Cingular) network it should have been a no brainer. But what do I see over the horizon coming from the ginormous Communist state?

The Meizu M8, which has a striking resemblance to the iPhone, claims to sport a 3.3 inch 720×480 display on a itty bitty 57x105x11.5 mm white casing packing both GSM and the Chinese TD-SCDMA 3G radio, Bluetooth, a 3-megapixel camera, and an ARM11 CPU capable of recording video at 30fps at full resolution. Whether it’s real or not is yet to be seen but you can bet your bottom dollar a Chinese clone will be released long before the iPhone makes its debut in Asia even with Apple’s legal team working over time.

iPhone with 3G [iPhonect via Digg]