YouTube Plans on Rewarding Uploaders

If you’re a budding Lucas, Jackson, or Spielberg, plugging away at YouTube in hopes of being discovered, chances are it ain’t gonna happen, pal. Sorry. But that doesn’t mean your work has been in vain. The Google-owned online video site has plans for 2007 that include video advertising bumpers before videos, with the proceeds for said ads being shared with the video’s producers. That means the video of your ex-girlfriend throwing up at that rager that got 33,000 streams might make you some quick money.

Exact specs on the deal aren’t yet known, but we do know that not just any clip qualifies. To be eligible to makes the green, the content poster much have full copyrights to the clip being viewed. This, however, is a good thing, as it means more original content. This helps develop YouTube as a place where wannabe auteurs can hone their chops, and make a little change to boot. More original content is what the Internet needs in general, trust us on this one, so we’re all for it, even if it does mean more streaming Hummer commercials.

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