I must say I was born in the wrong decade and I thought the 80s rocked my socks off. If I only I had the gadgets and gizmos these young whippersnappers had these days, I’m not even sure where I’d be right now. Maybe I’m earning 7 to 9 figures a year, driving a wicked fast car, living on my own surfer’s paradise and having wild uninhibited nights with super models but no, that is not how it worked out. My existence is culminated by the fact that I am just another cube monkey working for the man, inhabiting an apartment in the supposed greatest city on earth which is actually an urban jungle that wretches my stomach everytime I walk out the door but hey at least I’m famous, right?

Anywho, had I been in possession of these wonderful spectacles I may have graduated from college in a timely manner and achieved those dreams. My senior classes would have gone much smoother with the MyDo Bururu since it would have scared the crap out of me everytime I fell asleep. Set to go off on 4 different levels to shake you awake, pick some up for $370.

Wake Up Jackass [Plastic Bamboo]