Mobio Mobile Lifestyle Portal: Useful Web Services On Your Cell

Cingular’s 3G network allows me to do much more with my mobile handset, such as take advantage of services like JuiceCaster and MyWaves. Mobio Networks now joins that group with its GetMobio product.

GetMobio is a free service you can download to your cell phone that loads you up with 50 dynamic applications and widgets that work together and are based on mash-ups of Web services. And as new applications become available, they’re delivered automatically to your handset.

The services are divided into 10 collections depending on what you’d like to do—everything from getting a dinner reservation and movie tickets to finding alternative flights for your next trip. One of the best parts is, it does this stuff with little to no text entry. (You can hit the jump below to see the full list of collections and what types of services they connect you to.)

Phone support is pretty limited right now with mostly handsets from Sprint and a few from Cingular, but at least they are popular ones. The full suite of apps won’t be available until sometime in February 2007. However, if you want to check out how they’ll work on your phone, there’s a download available for finding movie times.

GetMobio Collections
The initial rollout of GetMobio consists of 10 collections with over 50 applications, widgets and content feeds, including:
After Midnight – Places to go after midnight
Stepping Out – High-energy places to see and be seen
Chilling Out – Low-key places to meet up and do things
Romance Me – Everything you need to make your night special
Panic Kit – In case of emergency
Outwitting the Kids – Stuff for parents at their wits end
Two on the Town – Treat your hometown – or any town – as a vacation destination
Urban Trekker – Single destinations of interest – such as museums or shopping
Indulge Me – High-end cravings for cigars, chocolate, massage, body art & piercings
Gadgetophilia – Where to go to see the latest gadgets