Verizon Drops Low-End Clamshell Windows Mobile Smartphone

, the average-looking flip phone has access to your Exchange server, the ability to read Office documents from your corporate network, and all the other (hard-to-use) goodness of WinMo: Smartphone Edition.

Besides rocking the MS OS, the VZN clamshell features a 1.3-Megapixel cam with flash (nice!), Bluetooth, and EV-DO. In addition, you get a microSD card slot for music. Since the WinMo comes with a micro version of the Windows Media Player, this phone is in line with the rumors that VZN is switching its music strategy from its V-Cast service to Microsoft’s PlaysForSure, meaning music you download from any PlaysForSure store should play nice with this $149 Pantech.

PN-820 [Product Page, you’ll need your ZIP]