Wii OS Video Hits The Net

Of course when anything related to the Nintendo Wii comes out, it’s always good in the eyes of rabid fanboys. So this pseudo-fake “Wii OS” shouldn’t be overlooked at all. In a six-minute-long video, a gentleman who sounds about 13 years old goes on to show us his amazing GUI which resembles that of the Wii. He also shows off an included music player he added and how his GUI is basically a launch pad for old-school games via emulator.

Did we mention he’s also using the Wiimote to control his PC, too? Truth be told, if this man/boy did release his “Wii OS” for the PC, tons of people would go mad downloading it and his popularity would skyrocket. This is some seriously cool stuff and we’re curious to see where it goes. Maybe he could take a shot at building the PS3 or XBL interface for those not in Mario’s posse.

Wii OS!