Denon Launches Headphone Line

As if there already weren’t a ton of premium headphone options on the market, home-theater and audio-electronics maker Denon introduced five new models.

Priced from $50 to $700, they are the first consumer-oriented headphones from the company. Styles include canal phones like the $200 AH-C700 (pictured, available in black or silver) and high-end over-the-ear models, such as the $700 AH-D5000.

The AH-D5000 are made with a real wood mahogany housing that Denon says delivers “superior acoustic characteristics and a rich natural sound.” They also use an exclusive micro-fiber diaphragm that should make for better sound and detail with low distortion. Important when you’re listening to your 128Kbps WMA files on your iPod. is taking pre-orders, so hop to if you want to be the first on your block.

New headphones from Denon [crave] Thanks John!