Korea Gets UMPC With 3G, GPS

We like PDAs, and we like laptops, but the combo of the two, the UMPC, sucks. The idea is sound, but the execution tends to be lackluster. However, we’re changing our tune after seeing the UREN A1 by Innowell. Taking the UMPC form factor, with its 7-inch touchscreen running Windows XP, Innowell adds two things that have kept us from finding these portables sexy: real wireless connectivity and GPS.

Flaunting HSDPA, the A1 gives you access to full-on Web browsing from pretty much anywhere you can find coverage, and the GPS can help you track it down. These two things combined with the ultra portable size mean that you can now quite literally be connected anywhere, and know exactly where that is.

Don’t look for it here any time soon, but the innovation should ripple through other developers, meaning these new features could become standard before too long.

7-inch UMPC with HSDPA connectivity available for 700,000(KRW) [Aving USA]