LG Shine Hits England

Oh, England, you jerk! Making us all jealous. Not only do you guys get castles and high tea, but you also get the LG Shine before we do. The Shine is the one phone on our radar that might compare to the iPhone as far as sexiness goes, and you’ve got it first. Well, Asia was first, but that’s normal. But you, UK?

Not only that, but you’re getting it full retail, unlocked, so your residents can use it with whichever carrier they have. Sure, it’s more expensive on the onset, but this isn’t a phone for the timid. This is a piece of hotness for those who want to look good and want to spend the money to do so. We’ve been covering it here for awhile now, with its mirrored face, dope camera, and audio playback.

So yes, Brits, we are jealous. But we’re sure the Shine will land here sometime soon in all its GSM glory, we’re reasonably sure we’ll get the 3G version, too. Who’s laughing now, you limey bastards? That’s right.

Press Release [at Mobile Burn]