Meizu iPhone Clone Is Official

The iPhone phone you should lust over is now official. According to sources inside Meizu, the M8 is in the pipeline and apparently Meizu wants to market it as an MP3 phone, but that’s sooo three years ago. Most of the specs that were rumored seem to hold water. It will be a 3.3-inch VGA touchscreen for GSM and TD-SCDMA networks. It will also supposedly run the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows for mobile devices, Windows CE 6.0.

No word on price or launch date so we’ll just keep this one on the back burner for now. Quite frankly I’m surprised we haven’t heard Apple crying foul on this, but then again it’s only been ‘official’ for a day or two. If the M8 does launch I may have to call in some favors over in HK.

M8 [Digitpedia via Digg]