Norway Responds to Job's Open DRM

in the form of an open letter. Titled “Thoughts on Music,” Jobs outlined the state of DRM and where he thought the practice could wind up, famously stating that if the major studios would allow the disbanding of DRM, Apple would embrace it heartbeat.

It was a bold move even for the iTunes giant Apple. Unsurprisingly, the proclamation is beginning to get responses. Torgeir Waterhouse, of the Norwegian Consumer Council, responded to Jobs’ letter saying:

We’re happy to see Steve Jobs take on the responsibility that follows from Apple’s role as one of the leading companies in the digital sphere and comment on the complaint issued by the Norwegian Consumer Council.

Our concern is of course that it’s Apple and [the] iTunes Music Store [that] should be addressing the issue of record companies and DRM themselves if it needs to be addressed – and as we’ve stated earlier it’s iTunes Music Store that’s providing a service to the consumers and therefore has the responsibility to offer up a consumer friendly product.

So Norway sides with Apple. I’m wondering when the studios will chime in.

Norway responds to Jobs’ open DRM letter [MacNN]