Buy A Zune, Get A $15 iTMS Gift Card

CompUSA used to be known as a mecca of computer-related items; now it’s more like a Motel 6 with the $44.95-a-night special. Regardless, it seems Microsoft’s Zune must not be a hot item at the retailer, as it’s giving customers purchasing the portable players with a $15 iTunes Music Store gift card!

Now normally this would be absolutely fantastic, except that iTunes Music Store purchases won’t work on the Zune. Way to make your customers feel welcome, CompUSA (and understand the products you’re selling). You might as well give everyone a copy of OS X with the purchase of a new PC. Another slip-up like this and we may have to take you behind the shed to shoot you.

CompUSA knows how to sell Zunes! (LOL) [Mac Rumors]