LG, Microsoft Get It On

Microsoft and LG have announced their nuptials and soon we will see LG -WinMo babies (though the image above is just some handy Photoshopping) scampering around the smartphone section. LG, the fourth-largest mobile phone maker, and Microsoft are expected to make it official next week at 3GSM.

This is a great move by LG since its SK counterpart Samsung is having great success with the Blackjack that runs on the Windows Mobile OS. Microsoft now has three of the five largest mobile manufacturers on its side, which include Motorola and the aforementioned Samsung.

LG has plans for at least two new smartphones with the first handsets hitting the market in the second half of 2007. Expect to see touch-screens on these devices, too, ’cause buttons suck.

LG’s move into the smartphone market with Microsoft will undoubtedly launch them even closer to the top of mobile-device heap. Hopefully we get a glimpse of things to come next week in Barcelona.

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