Sell An M-Rated Game To A Minor, Get Fired

Back in the day when I was but a wee teenager, I was always the 15-year old with the beard who bought everyone tickets to R-rated movies. I never really had much of a problem buying M-rated video games. Looks like the times have changed though, as retailers are starting to take ratings seriously and are cracking down on those under 17.

Ginormous retailer GameStop is now checking ID harder than a club in SoHo. Any employee caught selling an M-rated game to a minor will be immediately fired and their johnson cut off by Jack Thompson*. It gets better though: If you’re an employee who’s paid hourly (read: half of the GameStop/EB staff) and you sell some kid an M-rated game, you AND your supervisor get fired. Sweet. Not only will you be broke now, but your ex-boss is going to be kicking your ass.

* = not confirmed

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