Skype Coming To PSP? Shut Yo Mouth

Has anyone delved into the PSP’s firmware updates snooping around for hidden treasures? We haven’t, but Quick Jump has. According to QJ, if you look into the decrypted version of vshmain.prx from Firmware 3.10, you may be led to believe that some form of VoIP functionality will show up in the future. All signs point to Skype at the moment as the provider.

Checking the dump, there was no actual PRX by that name which means that the actual functionality is still being worked upon at this stage. And I don’t think anyone’s bluffing either. There have already been cases of Camera, GPS, and POPS PRXes being in the firmware long before the functionality was opened up. In the case of Camera and GPS, references can be found as far back as Firmware 2.70. POPS references were found in Firmware 2.80 dumps.

Does this call for the demise of the Mylo?

Check out a screen shot of the code itself if you think it’s all bull-honky.