Expensive NES Games/Shirts Hit eBay

The Nintendo World Championship NES cartridge is one of the rarest and most sought after “games” for the Nintendo Entertainment System in existence. I’ve seen it around before but only at exorbitant prices.

This eBay auction, though, doesn’t just include the incredibly rare cartridge—it comes with an OFFICIAL 1990 Powerfest t-shirt that really captures the look of the early 1990s. Imagine what you could do in this t-shirt! Drinking 40s in Queens while listening to The KLF and The Happy Mondays maybe? You’d be the ultimate top rocker.

The ultimate shirt to make you a top rocker
As of right now, the bidding war has gotten up to $1360; so you’d better act fast if you want that t-shirt.

NES Cartridge Selling for $1200 [Hardest Boss]