T-Mobile, Samsung Win Most Boring New Phone Contest

We do not understand the new Stripe from T-Mobile. The myFaves-compatible clamshell from Samsung is curvy, sure, but bulky when compared to the manufacturer’s other offerings for T-Mo, and more expensive to boot. Features-wise, it’s inferior as well, with GPRS (no EDGE support), a standard VGA camera (no megapixels here), and a monochrome outer display. We love Samsung and T-Mobile for making solid, attractive phones on a good voice network with great customer service, that’s why this inelegant phone is a let down.

The cameraphone, which sells for $50 with a two-year plan, can’t compare to the Samsung t619, with its slimmer form factor, 1.3-megapixel picture taker, and the fact that it’s free with the same plan. We know the Stripe is new, T-Mobile, but that’s not entirely a good thing. The only thing we can think of that would set this new flip apart is if it sports the upgraded Samsung OS, which we’re not even sure it does. Next time you guys do this to us, T-Mobile and Samsung, name the phone the “Meh”. It’s shipping now and available at your trusty local T-Mobile store.

Samsung Slice [T-Mobile, Zip required]