Jobs Challenges DRM, Gets Help From Monster Cable. No, Really

A few days ago we brought you word about an essay Apple’s Steve Jobs wrote, calling for an end to the DRMing of music, a practice his company has been forced to participate in by the music industry. Mr. Jobs wants to put an end to copy protection of music files, to create greater interoperability between computers, music stores, and portable devices.

In the aftermath of the essay, which sent shockwaves through the digital media industry, one of the major music labels, EMI, has said that it is considering dumping DRM altogether. This announcement was met with hurrahs from the anti-DRM public. Likewise, Yahoo!’s CEO Dave Goldman said to USA Today that he foresees a DRM-free future for his company’s store, as well.

Not to be outdone, CEO of Monster Cable, Noel Lee, has also publicly backed Jobs. Wait, Monster Cable? Yes. As it turns out, Monster sells a type of high-def audio disc format called Monster Music, which it sells DRM-free. If the labels can get around the idea of DRM, then it means more potential customers for the service. Way to milk it, Noel. We like your style.

Jobs gains support of Yahoo!, Monster on DRM issue [Apple Insider]