Sharp Puts Blu-Ray Over The Top

We don’t enjoy saying we told you so, but Sharp has taken the liberty of doing it for us with the launch of the BD-HP1 Blu-Ray recorder.

The new kid on the block plays nice with all your AQUOS goods via Fami-link. The BD-HP1 allows for seamless HD recording from your AQUOS digital tuner through i.Link which kicks much ass. The BD-HP1 will playback single/dual layer Blu-Ray, DVD +-R/RW, DVD-RAM, CD, CD+-R/RW.

Unfortunately it only burns single layer Blu-Ray discs. Monthly production is expected to be 3,000 units. No price yet, but expect to pony up around $1200 when it drops in Nihon on March 20. You should think about getting a PS3 now.

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