T-Mobile Gears Up For Nokia 5300 XpressMusic

T-Mobile has started preregistration for those wanting to get their hands on a Nokia XpressMusic 5300. To register, just visit the T-Mo registration page for the 5300 and sign up. The 5300 comes with some great features like dedicated music buttons, a fun slider design, microSD, and more. You’ll be able to actually buy one come February 28th for $99 or more depending on your contract negotiating skills. Yahoo! Music is also partnering with T-Mobile to offer free tracks as well.

I actually got a Nokia XpressMusic 5300 the other day and it’s a pretty tight little package. Give me a little time to play with it and I’ll throw up a review.

Too bad it’s EDGE.

T-Mobile Nokia XpressMusic 5300 Pre-Registration