Completely Waterproofed iPod Shuffle From SwimMan

From time to time we’ll post about some new waterproof case for an iPod or device from companies like Otterbox. The problem with all these cases though, is that no matter what, they always run the risk of a leak. Basically unheard of company SwimMan wants to change the way we waterproof our gadgets by waterproofing from the inside out.

Take for instance, SwimMan’s completely waterproof iPod Shuffle. You can swim around with this thing up to 10-feet underwater while you blast to Van Halen at 11. Since the alterations to waterproof the device take place inside, your iPod Shuffle looks totally normal and will scare your friends when you go diving into the pool with it. You can get a waterproofed Shuffle for $150 or with a waterproof headset for $250.

Swim on!

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