Plasma Light: Way Cool Tesla Device for a Lamp

If we had one of these as a kid, we would have had an easier time staying in school and off the hard drugs. It’s the Plasma Light Bulb, a scaled-down version of that freaky sci-fi plasma globe that your rich, smarter friend’s dad had in his den. You know, the room you guys weren’t allowed into with the liquor and porn. And plasma globes.

We’re guessing these things don’t give out much light, but are awesome to the touch, thanks to the electric field around the device that responds to any electro-conductive object that is brought nearby. The ionized gasses (that look like lightning) are drawn to the points of contact, though the high-voltage device is perfectly safe.

That’s all techno-babble that, when broken down, means that your stoned friend from high school who drops by every couple months unannounced will love this thing. And at $10, you could outfit your lab with style.

Plasma Bulb [Scientifics, via Red Ferret]