Back Yard Home Theater

With an arctic blast that has gripped much of the country it is a little hard to think about watching a movie under the stars, but now is a good time to start planning. If you have a decent sized backyard, and the funds to pay for it, Cal Spas can help you create the Ultimate Outdoor Theater. This system features a marine-grade, anti-fog, anti-glare 63-inch LCD HDTV with twin subwoofers and surround sound speakers and DVD/CD player (what no Blu-ray!). Of course how is the ultimate movie mogul to live without a built-in iPod Docking Station, Sirius Satellite Radio receiver and gaming system inputs? The best seat out of the house is in one of the two plush home theater style weatherproof recliners with cup holders.

The theater system also features a five-burner convection grill with two side burners, a cocktail center with commercial ice machine, blender and beer tap. There are two firepits, bench style seating and a martini bar with bar stools. Now we have to ask, but where the hell is the popcorn machine! And while Cal Spas hasn’t announced a price yet, we know that if you have to ask you probably can’t really afford it!

Cal Spas