MacBook Mini On the Way?

Big rumor today by way of AppleInsider. The story goes that Apple is currently prepping a sub-notebook effort aimed at extremely portable computing. The new system, which I think should be called the MacBook Mini, will have a significantly reduced footprint, use NAND memory and not have an optical drive on-board.

This has the potential to be a great device. I’ve often wished for an efficient sub-notebook for writing on the go, but have been wholly unimpressed by PC offerings. If Jobs and pals can pull this off, I might be in the market for one more Mac.

If it gels in the fashion currently proposed, we should be seeing the MacBook Mini around mid-year during WWDC. Also, this current rumor makes me wonder if perhaps there is some overlap with the MacBook Thin rumors we heard earlier this year.

Apple to re-enter the sub-notebook market [AppleInsider]