Rumor: Smaller, Re-Designed Mac Pros on Horizon?

, I now bring you news from Loop Rumors regarding Apple’s new Mac Pros. According to the rumor-specific site, Apple has plans on a brand-new Mac Pro series, leaving the G5-era “cheese grater” casings behind for smaller, top-venting units that are exceptionally speedier. Will these be the new 8-core Pros we’ve been hearing about? It’s a good bet, as Intel’s quad-core procs can go dual quite easily, which would make these new Mac Pros into tiny powerhouses.

Loop goes on to say that these should drop about the same time as CS3 from Adobe, but it’s more likely that the announcement will come at the National Association of Broadcasters, where Apple has a booth every year, and has made product announcements before. NAB is targeted more towards the users of Apple’s professional gear than most other conventions, so it would make sense that these muscley machines might make a debut amongst those who’d buy them.

Also, Apple might use the NAB stage to announce upgrades of its own pro video software, like Final Cut and DVD Studio Pro. It makes sense that Jobs’s “One More Thing” would be the hardware to take advantage of these new apps, wouldn’t it?

New Mac Pro Redesigns? [Loop Rumors]