Shabbat Shalom (Inside A Phone)

Lately it seems that Israel is really becoming a frontrunner in the world of advancing technology. Between firefighting devices and advanced weapons systems, someone managed to squeeze a Kosher cellphone into the mix. Designed for the Israeli Army, the Shabbatphone was designed to allow those who need to make calls during Shabbat to do so. It works by allowing the user to operate the phone in an “indirect” manner. What this means, I have no idea, but it’s apparently a loophole that allows Jews to use a phone during a holy time. Word is that the phone prevents users from closing electrical circuits, thus circumventing any laws regarding technology.

As a Jew, I must admit this phone really gets creative in serving its intended purpose, but it’s still a cellphone when it comes down to it (which is a big no-no on Shabbat). Just have some gefilte fish, settle down, and wait to make a call when Sunday rolls around.

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