Sub-Spacial Holograms

Michael Keferl at CScout Japan writes about a new Japanese device called the Sub-Spacial Communication Pod that claims to project 3D character holograms for users to interact and communicate with.

The device sounds a little far-fetched, but the pictures look somewhat credible. The holograms will be in stereoscopic 3D without the need of special glasses and users can interact physically with the hologram character, for example, by blowing air and watching a character’s clothes move as if in the wind, according to Keferl.

The pods will come with a “physical transfer field” that allows the user to purchase specially bar-coded cards with item information to be scanned into the character. The characters can eat, get fat, teach English and even give you news.

Real or vaporware? You decide.

Sub-spacial Communication Pod [via CScout Japan]