Zudeo's Legal P2P Hit 1m Uniques in January

The new “all legal” P2P service from Azeurus called Zudeo announced this morning that they saw more than 1 million unique visitors last month in the service’s first full month online. The announcement provides great evidence that P2P is a viable avenue for legal distribution of online video.

We covered the company’s content deal with the BBC in December and the company said at launch that its goal was to offer content from 20 major TV and film studios. Parent company Azureus reports more than 140 million downloads in 100 countries of its BitTorrent platform in 100 countries. The company has raised $12 million in funding from Redpoint Ventures and BV Capital.

Today’s Zudeo announcement will provide an interesting reference point for the eventual launch of Joost. Both companies will bring offer online distribution of commercially produced, high quality video content and may compete for eyeballs with low-quality user generated content.

Our previous coverage of Zudeo can be found here.