Patent Monkey: Sony GripMote in the works before the Wiimote?

on a Hand-Held Computer Interactive Device which details the controller.

Sony’s controller is designed to fit in the palm of the hand and work with the user’s fingers. As the user squeezes the device the pressure applied on the controller’s sensors is detected generating commands for system or game interaction. The controller is designed to detect both the user’s hand movements as well as squeezing action. Based on the patent’s description, the controller could use Bluetooth technology as well as vibrational or tactile response. Sony also designed dual wireless independent hand controllers.

On its face the patent does not appear to present as many problems for Nintendo as the Interlink patent and related suit.

With the popularity of the get-off-your-couch Wiimote, perhaps Sony can quickly pull the GripMote off the shelves for the PS3.