The Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras and I’m preparing to drink myself into sweet oblivion. Before I go, however, I must take a moment to tell you about our exciting new contest, The Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge.

It’s a contest of epic proportions.

Let’s get down to business first. The prizes for this thing are incredible and I really couldn’t be more excited about it. The grand prize is a brand new Steelcase chair. The winner can choose either any Think chair available or any Leap chair excluding the leather ones (so basically you can pick between the black or platinum base fabric Leaps). The value of these chairs are about $900 and you can pick your covering color. I reviewed a Leap recently, and it’s pretty much the greatest thing ever.

We also have room for four runners-up. Our friends at iFrogz have provided four gift cards that will let you select an iPod case of your choosing. These cases are hot.

Now for the rules. To enter, we need pictures of the worst workspaces. This includes your desk, chair, general work environment, etc. We want to see disaster. Papers everywhere, gum stuck to stuff, coffee spilled, broken chairs, smashed desks, whatever. It needs to be Bad, with a capital B. Send your entries to contest at crunchgear dot com with the subject “Worst Workspace Challenge.”

The person with the worst possible workspace will win a brand new Steelcase chair to help with lifting your blighted environment up a little. And, while an iFrogz case won’t make your workspace better, it will, at least, help you to care about your disaster a little less.

We’re going to run this one for exactly seven days. That means it’ll close next Monday, so get to work.