Latest System Update for MacBooks Includes 3G Drivers for Novatel

Apple today released a system update for MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops that includes drivers for popular Novatel 3G WWAN adapters, including the current ExpressCard offerings from Cingular and ExpressCard and USB modems from Sprint and Verizon. The updates are installed automagically with via Software Update.

When cellular carriers started rolling out their 3G networks, many Mac users feared that their portables would be left out in the cold. Fortunately, Apple has taken it upon itself to make sure its users are covered, giving one less reason for people to not choose it over other platforms.

These drivers being built-into the operating system could hint at future Apple portables sporting internal 3G connectivity, like offerings from Lenovo and HP. While it’s too early to tell for sure, Apple tends to want people to experience wireless connectivity, spearheading WiFi adoption via its Airport lineup several years ago. But the question is, will Apple support EV-DO or HSDPA?

Apple update supports Novatel broadband devices [MacWorld]